A Thousand Invisible Cords: Connecting Genes to Ecosystems is based upon 30 years of interdisciplinary research with nearly 100 collaborators from the United States and across the world. Their work has spanned lowland streamside forests to cushion plants on mountain tops and arid pine forests of the Colorado Plateau. Parallel studies on other continents are showing the same patterns.

In this part of the site, you will find some of the most seminal journal articles and research notes published about community and ecosystem genetics since the year 2000—some are reprinted in full; others with links. This list reflects the diversity of topics covered in A Thousand Invisible Cords; the breadth of scientists, disciplines, and institutions involved in the research; and the large body of work that backs up the findings reported in the documentary. A helpful glossary is also included.

  • Northern Arizona University
  • National Science Foundation
  • University of Tasmania
  • Bureau of Reclamation
  • Merriam Powell Cemter for Environmental Research