“If you ever doubted that everything really was tied together, take a look at this film. A reminder of just how careful we should be!”

Bill McKibben, author Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet


“Wonderful production details really made what could have been a purely academic and sleep-inducing view into a fun, educational, thought-provoking experience. … I’m blown away by the subject matter tackled in this video and how you made it so easy on the eyes AND brain. Congratulations to you and all your crew and your interviewees.”

Michael S. Fousie, Chief Photographer KATU-ABC NEWS; CINE Golden Eagle Award Recipient – Cinematographer/Editor – Paulist Productions.

Reviews and Press

  • Documentary on PBS highlights pioneering research by NAU ecology team, Knau.org
    September 5, 2012
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  • Research: Change in one gene can alter landscape, The Arizona Republic
    September 3, 2012
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  • A Thousand Invisible Cords- The Difference That Matters, Northern Arizona University home page
    Thirty years ago, NAU Regents’ Professor Tom Whitham (Department of Biological Sciences) and students began an experiment that would eventually change how we view the world.
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  • We Can Safeguard our Environment Says “A Thousand Invisible Cords,” www.suite101.com
    By Sylvia Somerville
    New film shows how the science of community and ecosystem genetics can help us manage climate change, preserve biodiversity, and restore damaged ecosystems.
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  • New Documentary Reveals Cottonwood Trees Are Central to Their Ecosystem, The Verde Independent
    April 14, 2012
    The majestic, leafy cottonwoods, for which the city of Cottonwood is named, have helped unlock some of the mysteries of nature.
  • Around the Town: Environmental Documentary Gets Its Premiere at NAU, Arizona Daily Sun
    By Abbie Grippman, April 19, 2012
    Thirty years ago, NAU Regents’ Professor Tom Whitham (Department of Biological Sciences) and students began an experiment that merges different disciplines, such as ecology and genetics.
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  • Inmates Help Plant Trees for Common Gardens!
    Northern Arizona University Research
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  • Arizona Public Media
    August 13, 2012
    This discovery presents a new and hopeful perspective on how to address some of the most important environmental challenges of our times and emphasizes how even at the genetic level, all organisms on planet earth are connected.
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  • Eight, Arizona PBS
    Who knew? Cottonwoods held the clue to how the genetics of a few “foundation species” can change an entire ecosystem.
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  • Northern Arizona University
  • National Science Foundation
  • University of Tasmania
  • Bureau of Reclamation
  • Merriam Powell Cemter for Environmental Research